How to sum up in short the 16-year-long activities of the artistic group Image Pro? Short and to the point. What characterizes us best is the following simple equation:

experience + price flexibility + atmosphere + passion + quality

Who we are?

We are professionalists who love their work. Each of us has been working in the TV and movie industry for at least 16 years. We are willing to take up any professional challenge. We eagerly take up even the most difficult tasks.

What we offer?

We offer comprehensive services in the area of movie and TV productions. We produce music videos, promos, documentaries, commercials, tv spots and trailers.

Who we work for?

Some of our Clients are:  Alter Art, Converse, EMI Music Poland, Fundacja Independent, Kayax, Kozminski Academy, Krakow Live Festival, Mystic Production, OFF Festival, Open’er Festival, Orange Warsaw Festival, Sony Music, TVN, Universal Music Poland, Warner Music Poland and many others.

Where we work?

We work everywhere where we can carry out interesting tasks. We do not restrict ourselves with the boundaries of one city, province or country. We have worked e.g. in Bornholm, Italy, Malta, Spain and many other countries. Don’t wait. Try us! CONTACT